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Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Impact Windows

Our window showroomOften referred to as hurricane-resistant or storm-proof windows, hurricane impact windows are constructed using impact resistance glass treated with a layer of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butral (PVB). What this means for you and your home, is that during hurricane and tropical storms, your windows will be more resistant to the debris that is hurled upwards to 200mph at your house.

As your local Fort Lauderdale windows and doors specialist, we understand how important it is to keep your family safe, so we deliver the best hurricane impact windows possible to help you do just that!

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Why Choose Hurricane Impact Windows

Custom hurricane impact window replacementWhen you live in Florida, you know when hurricane season is on us. While you cannot choose if or when a hurricane will happen, you can choose how to protect your family.

You’ve heard the term before and probably know it well, ‘hurricane force winds’. While you know what they can do, you may not fully understand why. During a storm, hurricane force winds pick up debris as it moves from the ocean to land, often picking up small to huge objects. These objects then find themselves swirling about until they are finally ejected outward, often directed at the homes that are in the hurricane’s path.

In a traditional home, one where the windows are made using only a single sheet of glass, debris will quickly destroy the window as it enters your house, often moving as fast as an arrow. This, in turn, creates a sudden pressure change in your home, and with that sudden pressure change, your roof can blow off and cause the very walls that hold your home up to collapse. Our hurricane-resistant windows and doors use impact glass windows that are designed to help keep prevent these air pressure changes from happening, ultimately keeping you, your loved ones, and your home safe.

In addition to keeping you safe, impact resistant windows will reduce outside noise as well as help reduce break-ins, as criminals find that these fantastic windows don’t just break as standard windows do! We also provide Fort Lauderdale window and door financing, delivering the protection your home deserves at an affordable rate.

Impact Window & Door Provider

At Broward Impact Window & Door, we are a State Licensed General Contractor. This means with us you can rest assured that the windows and doors you receive will comply with the state and local requirements. So whether you’re looking to update your windows to keep your family safe, or you’re replacing your old hurricane impact windows, we are the company you can trust!

Broward Impact Windows and DoorsProtect your home or business with Fort Lauderdale hurricane impact window replacement services by Broward Impact Window & Door! Our window and door replacement specialists are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services, with attention to detail and a friendly smile.

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